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Walter Ball: One of the nicest store ever!! People are very friendly. I have been to Babies R Us since 2002, and they are always nice to everyone. They give out free gifts every time when there is an event going on. Highly recommend everyone to check out the shop 🙂

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Carol Barrett: I have a passion for vintage dresses. Particularly the 50’s and early 60’s, however, glamour is key so any decade that celebrates a woman’s figure is fine by me. That said, this store delivers! Not only can you find the dress of your dreams but you can fully accessorize it as well. Or if a full vintage look is too overwhelming for you, dive into the jewelry, handbags and shoes and spice up a contemporary look with retro flair. Not only are the clothes here beautiful, they are in fabulous condition. Other stores on the street are less expensive but compare quality and you’ll likely spend your hard earned money here.

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Muriel Holt: My friend and I used to go to the all of L.A. Vintage Shows. She knew Jennifer, the owner of Babies R Us very, very well, even hung out with her. So I was told all about how Jennifer was "crazy, rude,and selfish" and that she also lies a lot. I never really cared either way, because my friend turned out to be NUTS, suffering from serious emotional issues, and very untrustworthy. I went into this store and loved it! Jennifer didn’t seem remember me so I didn’t say anything. She couldn’t have been more cool to me though. Decades of Fashion is a must see! Thanks, Jennifer.

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