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AT&T Utah Schedule Reviews

Oliver Glenn: Since October, AT&T has managed to shut my internet down, stop my long distance service to my home and cost me over 40 personal hours trying to fix their error. They show I’m past due. I’m not. I should actually have a substantial credit. I can’t ever talk to the individual I’ve asked for, Betty **. I can’t get management to return calls. They refuse to fix their errors and reinstate my account in good standing.

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AT&T Utah Operating Hours Reviews

Thomas Baker: I am a former customer service representative for AT&T. We are told “customer rules”; however, this is far from the case. The focus is no longer to insure customer satisfaction. Sales, plans or devices are the primary focus. I waged a personal war to ensure that all customer issues were resolved with the final aim being a happy customer and a happy client. AT&T customer service is outsourced to a company who is more focused on in-house indiscretions rather than customer satisfaction or complaint resolution. I was an unfortunate casualty of a hostile work environment. My food was tampered with, my performance misrepresented, my name slandered and libeled. I resigned. Though I bear no ill will, I do feel sorry for the countless AT&T customers who are being legally and immorally ripped off.

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Reviews of AT&T Utah Working Hours

Lindsay Neal: I’ve been with AT&T wireless for about 4 or 5 years mainly because I’ve had an iPhone. The service has always been bad with constant dropped/failed calls and a lot of breakup. Anyone who calls me cannot hear me and the phone service is useless. I’ve complained a lot. Nothing works.

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