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AT&T Nevada Hours on Saturday Reviews

Scot Richard: Today I called AT&T regarding a "outstanding bill". After being on the phone for a little over a hour and talking to four different people I finally got to the right department. Well the women I spoke to already had a attitude when I started but she continued to repeat saying "let me repeat myself so you can understand." "WTH. Are you calling me stupid?" She said "I didn’t say that" and repeated again "let me say it again so you can understand." Is she for real? I told her again that am not stupid, am very intelligent and she need to watch how she spoke to people because she kept insulting my intelligence!

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AT&T Nevada Closing Hours Reviews

John Hutchinson: I have been with AT&T 10+ years, never had problems until I switched to Samsung galaxy and new plan. Charges for data – 20.00 for 500mb, overcharges gave me a galaxy pad for free (cost 40.00 to hook up 10.00 month but they add it like it’s a second phone). My service was suspended late 4 days, paid bill in full online. Dialed 611 no help since my service suspended, I thought you could talk regardless. Used a friend’s phone to call, got disconnected twice said my account was turned over to collections. Really. 4 days late. Tried calling back on friend’s phone, now her phone is synced to mine number and can’t talk to anyone now. What kind of crap is going on with AT&T. Rip off and they make it impossible to solve any problems. I’m not happy. I’m furious.

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AT&T Nevada Hours Tomorrow Reviews

Mark Golden: If anyone in here receives an offer for whatever service, bundle, or programming please make sure it was the representative said it is before you fall into the 2 year contract, crazy cancellation fees, and overall bad services. Find a company that does not have a contract based service which will allow you to opt out of that service when you want to.

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