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Maude Farmer: My phone gets turned off on the last day of the month. I pay $65 for nothing. No unlimited data high speed. That’s **. I’m always calling AT&T.

Eugenia West: Made lots of promises to get me to switch from the service I had for 16 years. Nothing but trouble ever since, broken promise after broken promise. Botched installation and I still have not received the money they promised for buying out my phone from US Cellular. Still waiting and it’s been 5 months!!!

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Edward Tate: I have had AT&T since they were VoiceStream, then BellSouth then Cingular now AT&;T, yes a while. I have 3 cell phone lines and have watched the cost steadily go up over the years. Now averages $260. I have Directv and it went from $65.00 to $120. They said if I combined my bill they would charge $25 for DirecTV. Bill was $320. Dropped Directv after no deals and my contract was over. Bill went to $280. Keep in mind it is $20 more now. Called and lowered data plan and it went to $240 and after 3mb it was so slow it timed out before loading a page. Before this it was not that slow. Changed to unlimited and back to $320. How do they cut service and charge more? Everyone drop this company. Dish is cheaper with more service and a DVR with a 2 year price lock.

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Chris Ward: I have been with AT&T for several years and I have never had a problem with anything. They make getting a phone easy and customer service is great. With their payment plan it makes it easy to get a nice phone.

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