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Daniel Brian: Billing cycle is very tight time-wise and then late charges are tacked on. I was using a lot more data all of a sudden and kept trying to figure out what had happened as additional charges were fairly substantial. I actually went to an AT&T store to have a customer service rep. look at my phone, usage, apps, etc. He tried to assist but really gave no useful/helpful info. But I changed to a higher priced plan to avoid all of the overcharges. UGH!!

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AT&T Kansas Hours on Friday Reviews

Mark Morton: I echo what every other customer writes on here. AT&T misrepresents and then locks customers into long term contracts with no way to take corrective action. They pass you around between departments (customer service, loyalty, mobility) until one of them disconnects, leaving you starting from square 1 again. They sold me a Velocity and Digital Life Home Security which did not meet my needs and were terrible services, but had me locked into 3 year contracts that cannot be terminated without massive fees. AT&T is not subject to recourse for providing bad service. There is no watch dog which empowers consumers to get their $ back. They owe me $2,000 services they are charging but I cannot use. Where is the consumer right to not be forced to pay for services that are not delivered? AT&T is full of fraud and misrepresentation. I am on board with a Class Action Lawsuit if anyone else is.

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AT&T Kansas Hours on Labor Day Reviews

Mick Carr: I have felt so frustrated when calling AT&T customer service due to the fact that they take such an enormous amount of time. I also feel they got me to switch off a great plan that was better for me due to the fact that the plan I was on was no longer offer and so grandfathered in.

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